Inviatation to invest in our Tuschinski Multiplex Cinema's
Inviatation to invest in our Tuschinski Multiplex Cinema's



Nowadays it is difficult to obtain a good yield. Emissions, such as for example the IPO of Facebook show the same image as the World Online fiasco.


Investing in Tuschinski Multiplex Cinemas can lead to profitable and decent yields. As an example we show the net profits of the Kinepolis Multiplex Cinemas, without synergy formation, in Brussels over the year of 2011. It has been determined that in times of recession, visits to the cinema are still increasing.




Proceeds of Kinepolis Multiplex cinemas 2011


Income € 253.704 million

Net profit € 36.471 million

Yield ± 14 %


Tuschinski Multiplex Cinema Investments hereby welcomes investors to – in these times - obtain certain, to be expected result, if they invest in the to be founded Tuschinski Multiplex Cinemas with synergie function.


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